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Welcome to Mockingham Place! This is roughly our 17th remodel, this one is for spring, since it is one of my favorite seasons. Nothing fancy or smashing but I like simplicity. Hopefully you all enjoy the warming colors as much as I do. =)

Mockingham Place is a petz 4 compatible website mainly dedicated to shows and adoptions. Feel free to e-mail me at any time with any comment or suggestions! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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- Brittany <3

June 11th, 2015
britt at mockingham's mood
- Updated the adoption stats.
- Got some new catz show entries, thank you! -

The Update Network
[I'm from New York, USA]



All litters are put here aren't breed with any special files unless otherwise stated, all are completely natural and are all my petz.
All are bred in Petz 4.
pick of the litter - adopted


- No PA, AAC or downloading
- Keep the Mockingham or MP's prefix.
- No more than 1 per litter, no more than 3 total.
- Picks need a why or trade all others are freebies.
- Feel free to change ugly eyelids.
- Title your email "adopt [petz name here]"
- Please send back to me if you don't want him/her.

HT2 - HT7 - HT5 - HT1 - HT6
Litter requested by Kayla! Interesting mix of alley & calico came from this pair. Beauties!

HL6 - BC2 - BC1 - BC5
Leftovers here. I have a soft spot for HL6, but I am a sucker for green eyes on black. All are freebies!

Arlene - Betsy - Hannah - Amy - Henny
Bully mixies with varying parents. All should pass down bully without a problem. Arlene and Amy are litter leftovers. All are freebies!

CC6 - CC4 - Junip - Jypsy - Jenny - CC1
There are a few leftovers and the scottie mixies are newer. Almost all of the scottie mixes are from different parents. All are freebies.

Guytano - Gemma - Giana - Genter - Gina
Love these guys. Not a big difference in Guytano and Gemma, Guytano has big feet. Gina is a favorite of mine, something so simple but adorable about her.

Ingvar - Izzy - Iggy - Irvette - Ichabod
Chi mixes from varying parents. Izzy and Ichabod have fat sheepie tails. All but Izzy have the chi socks. All but Ichabod have chest patches.

Karla - Kelly - Kachina - Karlita - Kevin
Kits from mixed parents, but all parents are alley spotted cali mixes, so all of these babies carry that possibility. Kachina and Karlita are the only two that ended up with the spots themselves.

Luna - Lye - Louise - Lina - Laure
Lab mixes! Most of these guys have fat tails, if you want to know specifically, just shoot me an e-mail. =) Love these! <3

Matt - Mila - Mushu - Mohawk - Mona
Matt is my favorite with his chunky persian body and RB head. All of these guys are from RB mix parents.

Nate - Nancy - Nora - Nina - Nelly
Nate is my favorite as he is a gypsy. Nina is my second favorite with her matching eyelids and unique color combo.

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- 5 entries per person per show
- Send different e-mails for different shows
- bmp, gif or png files only
- Obviously, no edited pictures
- Must be adults and facing right in the picture
- Any breed/mix may enter as long as it is not a PKC/other kennel club breed
- Please fill out different forms for different petz
- Make the e-mail title the name and number of the show you're entering
- If your petz doesn't place, you may enter it in as many times as you would like.

Show awards will be made &
Winners will be e-mailed when the show is judged.


- Your E-mail:
- Pets Name:
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Open Shows

Dali Pose Show #17 - 8/15
Dane Pose Show #10 - 7/15
Catz Pose Show #20 - 4/15


Dali Pose Show #17

1. MN's Only Second To None
2. MN's My Scandalized Youth
3. AJC's Check Mate
4. Cirrutopia's Checksum
5. Cirrutopia's Fight For Justice
6. Cirrutopia's Fiona
7. Cirrutopia's Twenty Bucks
8. Cirrutopia's Cost of Happiness

Dane Pose Show #10

1. Harvest/Elf's Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Curiosity's Written in Stone
3. Cirrutopia's Cost of Happiness
4. Cirrutopia's Sheldon
5. Cirrutopia's Dime
6. Cirrutopia's Jeannie
7. Cirrutopia's Not So Bad After All

Catz Pose Show #20

1. Cirrutopia's Gentle One
2. Cirrutopia's Nonconsensual
3. Cirrutopia's Chazzie
4. Cirrutopia's Blackbirds and Thrushes
5. 'Staches/EP's Almighty
6. EP's Missing The Old Days
7. EP's Old Fashioned
8. EP's Main Man
9. EP's Seven Seiryuu


Catz Pose Show #19





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